Programs for Children

Training for your Children



It is a pedagogical way of training the basic of movements of young ones, to improve the necessary functions. The aim of these activities is to improve and perfect their psychomotor skills from childhood itself. Psychomotricity has many benefits, such as:

  • Allowing children to develop fundamentals such as knowing how to jump, run, grasp, turn, swing and much more.
  • Providing the coordination that the child needs and it is worth noting that children learn how to follow rules.
  • Learning to listen and more importantly, reproduce the instructor’s guidance.

Various disciplines are proposed with the aim to meet each personal goals.


Your children will learn about the most popular and practiced types of Gymnastics and gain skills such as strength, flexibility and agility.


1 on 1 practice classes in various self-defense techniques that will allow your child to learn the basic and advanced concepts of self-defense.