Programs for Adults


We offer personalized coaching, at your place of residence or a chosen venue where we get you trained on various sport disciplines such as Body Shaping, Self-Defense, etc. All programs are adapted to your chosen objective.

We also offer Treatment services for Adults and our treatment program improve blood circulation and eliminates feeling of heavy legs and we practice massages that stimulate the nervous system by reducing tension and hyperactivity. There are also rehabilitation programs that aim to fight against pain and trophic disorders, quickly and sustainably recover joint range and muscle flexibility, and prevent painful sequelae. The techniques used can be massage, passive mobilization, active mobilization and the resumption of physical movement. Get in touch with us to learn more about the treatment services that we offer.


Personal Coaching where your trainings start with a diagnostic meeting, where we will analyze your existing abilities and the objectives we want to achieve – thus starting the personal target concept.


Rehabilitation which is an often too neglected aspect of recovery, but a useful complement to any well-designed and well-performed surgical procedure.