Company Training Program

Personal development training program


At Win Shape, we offer training programs that focuses on territories such as self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-esteem. This is the most effective program that allows employees to gain self-confidence and develop their creativity. Chosen activities are based on the objectives of a company. Up to 75% of this personal development training program is refundable by the Human Resources Development Council (HRDC).

Using a training method, we refer to as ‘ATCHIO’ (action) we offer a tailor-made training which allows the following:

  1. Each participant has the opportunity to push their limits of course with all the safety measures and assistance from qualified professionals.
  2. Develop an initiative and leadership spirit that contributes to building trust and cooperation within a team.
  3. Enjoy and experiment team spirit in a fun way via original workshops and activities.
  4. Unite and organize skills in order to attain certain objectives as one team.
  5. Spend a unique and unforgettable day and create lifelong memories.

Put your employees mental and physical abilities to the test and allow them to push their limits by allowing them to experience a fun, wet and muddy journey through obstacles and activities.

To summarize, the training allows:


To focus on one’s own qualities and behavioral limits & learn how to evacuate these blockages.


Develop and use an assertive communication skill and that promotes self-confidence